Harnessing the
full potential of hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is unstable, even with heavy metal and/or chemical stabilisers it decomposes quickly and is therefore uneconomical and inefficient to use and barely works at low ppm dilutions.

Aquaza has been formulated to deliver and selectively release Oxygen from an organically Stabilised & Activated Hydrogen peroxide carrier. All the ingredients used in our stabilising and activating formulation are organic Food Grade substances, which we blend with Food grade Hydrogen peroxide, resulting in a biocide/disinfectant that leaves absolutely zero chemical residue.

Aquaza Hydrogen peroxide targets organic pollution and pathogens and because chain-reaction decomposition of the Hydrogen peroxide is severely limited, full use is made of the available Oxygen in Hydrogen peroxide. 

Oxygen is released in direct linear response to the Biological and/or Chemical Oxygen Demand present, the balance of the Hydrogen peroxide remains stable in the solution until such time as more organic pollution is encountered. 

Aquaza Hydrogen peroxide allows accurate dosing and efficient efficacy at extremely low ppm dilutions for water treatment and algae/biofilm control.

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Agricultural Disinfectant Certification:

Republic of South Africa Act 29 Registration

biofilm control

Biofilms are the source of 80% of the infections found in plants and contaminants found in Food & Beverage manufacturing. Biofilms are communities of pathogens that adhere to a surface and excrete a slimy Extracellular Polymeric Substance in order to protect themselves, reproduce and spawn.

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water treatment

Water quality is generally measured in terms of the water's Biological or Chemical Oxygen Demand - the amount of Oxygen need to neutralize the contaminating organic pollution & pathogens. Hydrogen peroxide, water with an extra Oxygen atom, is the perfect vehicle to deliver Oxygen where it is needed.


products & formulation

Aquaza OXY 300 is formulated from Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide - 35% H2O2 - which does not contain heavy metal or toxic chemical stabilisers like regular H2O2.

Aquaza OXY 300 is Stabilised by Molecular Encapsulation Technology  & Activated with organic ingredients, ensuring zero toxic residues upon decomposition.

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